Procrastination is my bitch (and she knows it!)


She’s everywhere.

She wakes up with.

She follows you around.

She sits with you.

She watches you.

She knows everything about you.


You might as well befriend her.

Acknowledge her presence.

Say nice things to her.


Don’t ever let her be in charge.

She’s your bitch.

Own her.

Star Monroe.  Adventures with Star.


This morning before my gym session.

I cuddled the dog.

Checked my eyebrows.

Sat down and cuddled the dog.

Talked to the dog.

Talked to my son.

Made a drink.

Sat at the computer.

Scrolled through facebook.

Wandered around my house.

Talked to the dog.

Walked the dog.

Got a coffee.

Stroked the dog.

Went to the gym!!!!

At around the coffee point, I had a feeling that Ms Procrastination thought I was her bitch.

I stood my ground.

I remembered she’s my bitch.

I went to the gym.

Love, Star

How to ditch the shame

Promise me one thing.

Just one thing.

Stop thinking some emotions are good (ie happy).

And some emotions are bad (ie jealously).

All emotions are just emotions.

They are all equally the same as each other.

Emotions are here to show us something.

IF we choose to look at them deeper.

Labelling certain emotions as “bad” always leads us down the shame/blame route.

And that aint never pretty.

Lose the labels.

Embrace and express your emotions (if you choose to and if you don’t want to that’s ok too).

Ditch the shame.

Love, Star

The Big Leap

There is a book by Gay Hendricks called The Big Leap

I read it years ago (on recommendation from the utterly fabulous Rebecca Leone.)

I didn’t take much notice of it.

He talked about the idea that when we step up in a bigger version of ourselves our subconscious has a set point as to how fucking magnificent we can be.

And will sabotage all our efforts forthwith!


As I said I didn’t take much notice of it.


Last week when I closed my existing business.

Ready and willing to step up into my biggest, boldest version of me.

I suddenly found my bitch mode firmly activated.

I started to cause rows with my partner (for no reason).

We didn’t talk for days.

I continued being a bitch.


I spoke this all out to my friend.

I realised what I (or more importantly my subconscious) was doing.

The awareness hit me like a thunderbolt.

I stopped making excuses for cuntish behaviour.

I said sorry.

And I meant it.

I bid a strong fuck you to my subconscious.

She knows I’m watching her.


That makes all the difference.


Love, Star

When the mood takes you……

Ride it honey, ride it.

The only constant in life is change.

So when you are feeling up, FEEL IT!

Fling your hair back and jump in head first.

Embrace your energy spurts.

Straddle the waves of inspiration.

Enjoy the adrenaline pump.

And share the buzz with everyone around you.

Then when this moment passes (because all moments pass.)

Know that there will be another one.

Just around the corner.





Love, Star

Sneaky tactics

B.M (before I had morals) I was a total rogue and did anything and everything in power to get what I wanted in life.

Then something happened in my mid 30’s.

I appeared to grow some morals.

I couldn’t get away with being a rogue and not feel bad about it!

It sucked.

I had a conscious.

Having a conscious made me grow up and grow up fast.

But having a conscious helped me create my life values.

And three of my big players are loyalty, honesty and trust.

So when I try to do something this is not aligned with these 3 players.

Boy, oh boy does the universe let me know.

So no sneaky tactics for me.

Which sucks sometimes cos I just want to be sneaky!

But what I really need to be is honest, loyal and trusting even when others in my life aren’t (especially when others in my life aren’t.)




Love, Star